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Corporate Tips

Top Ten Tips to get ahead in business

1.   Look attractive   Be stylish and businesslike, by wearing a fashionable suit or dressy non matching separates. A jacket is the essential power garment even on dress down days

2.   De-clutter your wardrobe   Organise your wardrobe so that your business wear is apart from your social wear. Have a business look, a casual look and a traditional business look pressed and ready to wear

3.   Be taken seriously   Your jacket is your armour and if you are a man, your suit is. If the tradition is casual, wear long sleeves and for a woman avoid bare arms as this reduces your credibility

4.   Suited and booted   Make sure your shoes don't let you down, they are prime indicators of your status and should be immaculate with no scuffed heels. Unpolished shoes say failure

5.   Think success   Always buy the best you can afford. Act as if, and look like, you are a winner. Dress for the job you want and set goals to get ahead. Make sure your accessories say you have already made it

6.   Power up your aura   Look confident, regardless of stature. Make sure your posture does not let you down and let your body do the talking. Attractiveness has nothing to do with looks. It reflects the high esteem you feel for yourself and attracts people to you

7.   Never neglect grooming   Make sure you don't distract with untidy hair, get it professionally cut every six weeks - remember an outdated look says outdated ideas. Pay attention to, and enhance, yourself positively in the areas of skin, teeth, hands and nails. Remember your smile is your most important asset

8.   Hydrate yourself   Drink as much water as you can each day;
one litre per 40lbs of your body weight. Dehydration lowers your concentration levels leading to tiredness and sluggishness which detracts from a lively image. Your body soon gets used to these copious amounts!

9.   Take time out   When stress gets the better of you, cut down on caffeine and breathe. Not only will this enliven you, breathing exercises help relax and calm you down giving your skin and eyes a fresh look

10.   Be heard   So you now look the part, howerver what if your voice lets you down? Make sure yours is consistent with your look, your words have less impact than your tone. Prepare your voice with exercises and warm it up just as you would warm up your muscles before sport

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