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Colour Analysis

Wearing your most flattering colours close to your face affects your visual impact, uplifts and enhances your energy, helping you look healthy, vibrant and attractive.

Discover which colours really suit you and learn the tricks of mixing colours successfully with a unique system of personalised colour analysis.

If you have ever been told you look tired, the chances are you were wearing an unflattering colour, so finally say goodbye to those unworn 'mistakes' and always choose colours that support and flatter you.

From Chartreuse to Cranberry, Rust to Teal each colour has a specific energy and sends out a different message that can either attract, conceal or repel.
Which do you want to do?   What are your colours telling others?

- flexible, trustworthy, powerful, calm, flirtatious -
Whatever you want to be, there is a colour to speak for you
to give a great impression every time.

Great Impressionists

Mae West
It is always better to be looked over than over-looked.  

Paul Delvaux
I have always wanted my colours to sing.  

Paul Cezanne
There is no model, there is only colour.  

Guillaume Apollinaire
Colour is the fruit of life.