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When I first decided to see an image consultant I didn't know what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Jenny really knows her stuff and her holistic approach to her work makes a huge difference to not only how you look
but how you think, feel and act.

I was amazed that when the session was over just how confident I felt with my new identity and how well I understood what worked for me.

I would thoroughly recommend Jenny to any one who wants to make to make a big difference to their lives.

Richard Lockyer
Leading Light Life Coaching


Having spent the first 50 years of my life wearing not only the wrong clothes, but also the wrong body, I found Jenny Webb via her website in August 2005.
A catty but truthful remark by one of my female acquaintances (you look like a frump) told me I needed to re-invent my female style and persona;
consequently I started looking for a style-consultant/personal coach.

The process consisted of discussing objectives in terms of style, appearance and overall lifestyle and how Jenny could help me to meet them.
The next part of the process consisted of Jenny visiting my home and 'junking' most of my wardrobe, thus reducing it to a small number of usable articles which could be incorporated in my new look.

A list of recommendations, regarding shapes, colours, jewellery, hair colour and style then followed, to help me meet my objective of looking business-like and in control, but at the same time feminine and modern in terms of style taking into account the difficulty of finding clothes to fit my relatively angular shape.

I have found Jenny's guidance absolutely faultless in terms of wardrobe and appearance and her 'personal shopping' tutelage has saved me from very many expensive mistakes.
Having largely sorted out my appearance and style we have now moved on to wider life-issues, as Jenny Webb is a very professional and competent NLP Master Practitioner and personal coach as well as a qualified Reiki practitioner.

I can thoroughly recommend Jenny Webb as a Style consultant and personal life-coach;
she comprehensively covers everything from colour, through hairstyle, wardrobe related to lifestyle as well as overall personal development in terms of goal setting and attainment.

An extremely competent and professional lady.

Kathleen J Kilbey I.Eng. AMRINA


We had to tell everyone that now going out is a happy time! We have the right clothes to wear and feel good and very confident. We used to spend hours shopping for clothes, then get home, and nothing really suited or matched. Even new clothes looked tired and we had no compliments - now however all that has changed.

A friend of mine advised me to search the Web for an Image consultant. I had told him that I was about to start a new business as a Massage Therapist and I needed a new look. This was the start of a happier future.
In my search I came across the name Great Impressions and Jenny Webb. It is the best thing I have done.

After a phone call, I filled in her questionnaire and arranged for her to clear out my wardrobe.
Next step was the shopping in Bath. Having agreed an amount of money to spend (best to set this up beforehand so Jenny has an idea of your budget) at the end of the day I ended up with about 15 outfits from the items we had purchased. Everything matched and could be coordinated.

My wife was delighted with my new clothes and within a month I arranged for Jackie to have a consultation with Jenny. They discussed colours and styles and then went on a shopping day. It was super to see Jackie's face.

Funny thing is though, the colours Jenny chose for Jackie I would never have thought they would have suited her, but they do.
Meet Jenny three times and you feel a new you.

John and Jackie Goodhew


First class practical advice, tailored carefully to my needs and budget.
It produced exactly the result I was looking for and
I would have no hesitation in recommending the service to others.

  Andy Bearpark

Great Impressionists

Mae West
It is always better to be looked over than over-looked.  

Paul Delvaux
I have always wanted my colours to sing.  

Paul Cezanne
There is no model, there is only colour.  

Guillaume Apollinaire
Colour is the fruit of life.